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Carboox attended XXXVIII Steelmaking Seminar

Carboox attended XXXVIII Steelmaking seminar realized at Ouro Minas Hotel in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerias, last May, between 20-24 2007. Carboox positioned itself in the Seminar with a Show Table, with a LCD TV for presentation of several movies. One of them shows the semi-automatic system for Nozzle Filler Adition in the ladle. The other one shows our flux feeder in use in one of our customers and there was another for illustration of all procedures used for evaluation of mould flux in the mould as slag pool thickness measurement, consumption rate evaluation etc. Show Brazilian and Foreign Costumers visited the show table, resulting in a successful event.

In the second day, Carboox presented the paper: The Carbon influence on Mould Flux for Continuous Casting of Steel. The presentation was successful and collaborated for the discussion increase during the event.

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