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Carboox is certified after a maintenance audit ISO 9001

The second maintenance audit, after Certification renew, was realized in May 07 and 08, 2007 in Carboox’s Quality Assurance System, conducted with process and business approach, through efficacy and efficiency focus.

Any non-conformance was detected, as Carboox’s Quality Assurance System has been functional and any possible risk to the clients are retained and controlled. Accordant with, the quality objectives and results expected from Carboox are effectively followed and evidences continuous improvement.

The evolution of Performance Indicators showed improvement related to defined goals and progress compared to latest years as 2005 and 2006.

So, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance recommended the maintenance of Certification according ISO 9001:2000, guarantying the direction of Carboox’s activities value increasing and Carboox’s capacity for making business.

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