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CARBOOX confirmed the Joint Venture with INTOCAST

In March/2009, CARBOOX settled the agreement with the German company. INTOCAST is one of the most advanced companies in the world in refractory. Its main products are refractory concrete for monolithic linings for steelmaking equipment, such as pig iron runners for BFs, hot pig iron transfer cars, pig iron ladles, slag (cinder) ladles, steel ladles and tundishes, among others.

It also produces materials for gunning, spreaders and spraying for repairs and working lines. Inside its precast refractory line, it offers Nozzles and Seat Blocks for steel ladles, besides dams and anti-turbulence parts for steel flow control in tundishes.

INTOCAST also has a line for molten metals treatment such as slag formers, active and insulating covers. Together with all its products line, it offers integrated solutions with products and equipments, in order to optimize and enhance the customer results.

The main target of the agreement between CARBOOX and INTOCAST is to bring innovative solutions to the market, associating the INTOCAST technology with the flexibility, the expertise and the presence of CARBOOX in the national market, including the local production of a few products.

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