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Divided into two stages – theoretical and practical – the learning implemented by the brigade members themselves was supported by Cipa

In compliance with NR23, Carboox held on April 12th and a successful day of preventive training against fire. The brigade training took place in two stages - theoretical and practical. Its main objective was to qualify the employees, in a safe manner, to ensure their own safety, avoiding possible victims and risks to the company´s assets.


According to the organizers, the event fostered the dissemination of all the preventive knowledge acquired throughout the learning journeys of the brigade members, with the support of internal and external security bodies.

The Fire Brigade is responsible for coordinating the evacuation of the building, in cases of fire and other accidents. It is also responsible for the preventive actions, such as checking fire extinguishers, emergency exists and the like.

Together with Cipa, it trains the entire company for evacuation cases. Therefore, all activities and obligations regarding safety are within the scope of these two organizational instances, seeking to promote standard evacuation, for any sign of uncontrolled fire.

“We would like to thank all the employees who participated and made this moment a big step for Carboox”, said Omar Filho. The president of the company´s Board of Directors added: “we are certain that we have valuable support from the brigade members for the company and that each one, certainly, commits to the roles they play”.

Brigade members prepare to act in emergencies
Brigade members prepare to act in emergencies